The flow rate capacity of the oil centrifuge is 16.6gpm or 960gph.

The oil centrifuge measures 13.5" in diameter by 18.5" tall.

Rotor is capable of holding 202 oz. of contaminants.

Oil Centrifuge systems are pump-assisted centrifuge packages that provide both on-line and off-line fluid cleaning for a wide range of industrial machinery. Spinner systems are custom-engineered to meet specific requirements.

Packages typically include a single centrifuge, but may incorporate multiple centrifuges operating in parallel for high-volume applications.

A Model 600HD centrifuge processes up to 960 gallons per hour (360 lpm).

Oil Centrifuge systems with multiple centrifuges are capable of virtually unlimited oil-cleaning capacities.


8HP Baldor Motor



40 / 80 GPM Gusher Pump

Allen Bradley Motor Controls

Equipped with pressure return / Can be retrofitted for gravity return

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