Centrifugal Oil Purification System

Removes Particles Down to .1 Micron - Extends Oil Change Interval - Extends Engine Life


Operates on engine oil pressure


For: Engine lubricants, gear oils, machining fluids, hydraulic oils, quench oils


Engine mounted or side mounted

Operates on oil pressure only

Remove particles down to 1/10 of a micron

Remove carbon and soot

Use in addition to your full flow filter system

Stand alone pump assisted units available


Protects Machinery:

Reduces wear up to 50%

Increases engine / component life

Helps reduce frequency of maintenance and repair


Extends Operating Intervals

Keeps fluids and additives effective longer

Prolongs full flow filter life

Centrifuge requires minimal service


Eliminates Waste

Permanent, cleanable and reusable

No media or filter element to replace

Protects the environment by reducing disposable waste

Sample of Dirty Spinner Bowl

Remove particles down to .1 micron