The COF-600i Centrifuge is a 960 GPH centrifuge with a flow rate of  16 GPM. The centrifuge measures 13.5" in diameter by 18.5" tall. The rotor is capable of holding 202 oz. of contaminants.

 Oil Centrifuge Assembly View

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  Spinner II Oil cleaning centrifuge system Centrifuge oil filtration Engine oil centrifuge  Centrifuge bypass filtration Bypass filtration unit Oil centrifuge Diesel centrifuge filtration

Price: $2,199.99
SKU: COF-600i
  • Benefits
  • Centrifuge Operation
  • Minimize Industrial Operating Costs
  • Fine Contaminant Protection
  • Cost Savings
  • COF Oil Cleaning Centrifuges for Industrial
  • COF Oil Cleaning Centrifuges
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